Gears of War Dynamic Theme

Theme by Pepbizmo

Gears of War Locust Themed Dynamic PS3 Theme for all with 2 systems and anticipating Gears of War 3…
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Kirbz Stupid lol lololololol


gears is a sweet game and if you are a true gamer and not some geek of a fan boy you’d know that . p.s i have both systems and work as a game tester for EA

A hardcore gamer

lol, it’s all about the games in the gaming section, although the PS3 system rocks cause the themes can be customized, too bad 360 owners have to miss out on an Uncharted theme. Ps3 owners have the last laugh…we can enjoy the great games of both systems and the custom themes of the PS3.

A real gamer

This can stay here only if the 360 lets me use an Uncharted theme. Since it says for those with 2 systems..

A true gamer

it says for those with 2 systems, leave it on here. Awesome theme 10/10. ps a true gamer who digs good games no matter what system they are on.


Wrong system game, pls remove it from this site.
from: a sonyfanboy