Time to Panic Dynamic/Static Theme

Theme by CMEW

A PS3 thematic wallpaper with the fractured image of slashed controller sinking into the depths, while rain continues to pour down a la the HR dynamic theme. Uses icons from same theme.
Download Here (Dynamic Version)
Download Here (Static Version)

30 thoughts on “Time to Panic Dynamic/Static Theme

  1. how do you install themes from flash drive on your ps3 or what folder do they go in on flash drive

  2. Has anyone ever played Fifa 13 online in every mode?(FUT,Seasons,Friendlies)

    This is the ultimate rage game
    I have 2 controllers for 4 years,since I got my PS3.They both work perfectly,because I haven’t thrown them into the ground,but GT5 is much more relaxing.

  3. uLtRaMa6nEt1c:

    @TheLoneWolf989 > I’m still a trophy whore
    CoD definitely makes me rage especially with all these hackers now. I still play it, but I’m gonna pass on Ghosts. I can’t be buying the same game every year. Just like you my gaming time is limited.
    This site is my favorite because this is the best online community that I’ve ever been a part of

    Do you play Battlefield 3?

  4. @TheLoneWolf989 > I’m still a trophy whore πŸ˜€
    CoD definitely makes me rage especially with all these hackers now. I still play it, but I’m gonna pass on Ghosts. I can’t be buying the same game every year. Just like you my gaming time is limited.

    This site is my favorite because this is the best online community that I’ve ever been a part of πŸ˜€

  5. @DemiGod7
    Ever since I stopped playing CoD multiplayer two years ago I’m fine unless I go on GT5 multiplayer and there’s some French prick who keeps ramming you up the arse.

  6. @LoneWolf also, no prob mate. We are all very glad we found each other on here.

    For any one interested, I am working on a static Diablo III theme. Just gotta find the right effects for the icons. It shouldn’t take too long….

  7. @Ultra Well, I know exactly what you mean. One of my PS3 controllers is like that. In BL2, when I press L3 to sprint, my character jumps, fires one bullet, switches to another weapon, throws grenade and enters the action skill, within 2 seconds. Basically, destroying the gameplay.
    So, I needed a new one. I found two, and although the black one was cheaper (46 euros) I decided to pay 3 more and get the God of War Ascension controller, which I cherish more than myself hah.

    @LoneWolf I used to be the same, then about 1 year ago I decided to switch mentality because “I put myself in this situation by booting the game, if I screw up it’s on me” so even if I lose to spamming pricks in Tekken Revolution, it’s okay. I don’t even send any messages, I humbly accept my defeat because after I have lost I think “Hmm….if I had done that, I probably would have defeated him” so every loss is because I messed up, not because the other person is better or smarter. If I think about it this way, it’s cool.

    And I had anger management issues due to Call of Duty and, no joke, once I quit CoD all the rage went away.

  8. @uLtRaMa6nEt1c/DemiGod7
    A few years ago when I took games too seriously I raged all the time and I would throw my controllers at walls down the stairs and one time I went outside and smashed it onto tarmac and to this day they both work and all they have is scratches and a couple of small dents. I can’t say the same for my 1st PS3, that 80GB heavy fat black box that could play games for hours with ease one day it turned itself off and when I attempted to turn it back on I had the yellow light of death. I lost all my save datas and I had a lot because back then I used to be a trophy hunter and would play for 6 hours +. Today I have the successor and don’t play games that much now, I struggle to play for 2 hours unless it’s GT5 and I’m tuning. My PS3 ‘s have let me meet new people and play awesome games and most of all lead me here, to a community that is welcoming and in many aspects fantastic so thanks Sony, PS3 Themes and most importantly you guys.

  9. @DemiGod7 > I have to buy a 4th PS3 controller now πŸ™
    My son spilled nacho cheese in the first one.
    The second one just became possessed. I’d press a button to run, but throw a grenade instead. Stuff like that. Like the configuration just switched up on me.
    The third one just died. But the battery still works.
    I still have 1 left, but I need 2.

  10. @Ultra

    I have broken 3 PS2 controllers, and I “gently threw my 2 PS3 controllers in the couch” as gently as someone can be when he is salty from losing online in Tekken >:(

    That being said, both PS3 and PS4 controller are pieces of high tech to me, so I have learnt to control my anger….

    And yeah, it was pretty funny when I saw that the d-pad and buttons hae changed places hah, interesting concept….

  11. prices are ridiculous for new controllers. mine sounds like a babies ratlle and is all opened up because the vibration motors flipped over. i dare not open it to fix it though as they are nigh on impossible to put back together.

  12. I remember back in the 2, 8, and 16 bit days when I would play a video game and RAAAGE, bashing my console with the controller like a f’ing psycho. Afterward I’d pick up the controller and continue playing. No problem.

    Fast forward to 1995.
    I just bought the PlayStation with Battle Arena Toshinden. Now consoles were only coming with one controller (you see where this is going?). Once again I raged and through my PlayStation controller at my carpeted bedroom floor and watched in horror and disbelief as my only controller was totally PULVERIZED (I’m a strong dude πŸ˜€ ).
    This theme represents that exact moment (before making that Home Alone face for like 15 minutes, lol) when I realized I had to wait a whole week to play my PlayStation again which itself was only a week old. I learned my lesson after that.

    Thank goodness it wasn’t a left-handed controller like in this theme. Those are hard to find, LOL.

    @doom > sheeiT

  13. a fitting theme for this moment in my life, i have panic disorder and im trying to work a 9 to 5 job with my condition, my video game time has been reduced to almost nothing. what better than a theme with a murder’d controller titled ‘time to panic’ LOL. fml.

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