Final Fantasy Versus XIII (VXIII)

Theme by VXIII

In anticipating of Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Noctis & Goddess Etro)
Note: the credit for the icons goes to Square Enix
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Nice! I just hope it has an action mode like dissiadia 02 on the psp can’t wait

prinny dood.

FF versus 13 will be epic, even the free roam. i look forward to more info.


Lalilulelo,guess you told me..No hard feelings and your spelling cool.Also I have gotten my info from playstation lifestyle,I get all my gaming info from there and remember Mugen Souls.


Kyuubi, I’m not sure where u get ur info but u are very wrong FFVXIII has not been cancelled, put on hold, renamed or recycled. this u speak of was a rumor that started a month ago and was squashed a week later by SE. please do not get insulted, upset, angerd or embarrassed. i am only stating the truth and correcting ur mis information. not for u but for others that will read your post and be mis informed. & please do not start attacking me in a “receipt post” , for i have no ill will and have… Read more »


FF vs 13 has been cancelled.SE decided to continue Claire aka Lighting storyline,they feel there’s more storytelling and depth in the world known as Cacoon. Pretty sure they spell it differently.September 20,2012 “Mugen Souls” a JRPG will hit PSN!! It will be a Tsunami for North America.Die Hard FF fan but SE have alot of competition out there.Mugen Souls will be FF biggest threat


Awesome theme. If it is a PS3 exclusive, think we could come up with a deal between SE and Bungie to port halo 4 to PS3?




That’s definitely a tremendous amount of ‘Likes’, thanks everyone. I get that people are still excited for this game, good good :D.


gave this theme its #100th like


I gave this theme its #100th like 😀

Lucis Nero

It can be a very fantastic work,maybe.SE have made their fans wait too long~


that was a fake video, so far it is still a PS3 exclusive


For some reason, Square Enix don’t want to put this on Xbox 360 too. Instead, they plan to put this on Wii U and PS3.


Warrior of light:

What system is it on ps3 or xbox

PS3 exclusive. There is a chance it would go multiplatform, or even reannounced/retitled. We’d helpfully get more info during Tokyo Game Show (September 20-23).

Warrior of light

What system is it on ps3 or xbox


nice theme i can’t wait for this game. it is highly anticipated.

noctis caelum

this is gonna be my main theme, can’t wait for versus XIII

No joke

I bought my first ps3 for this game. like 7 years ago. xD