Mass Effect 2 #2

Theme by Sgt. Samples

Theme for Mass Effect 2, an epic space journey soon to be released on PS3.

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sgt. samples

Thanks everybody for the positive feedback.

Illusive Man

Best game Evar!

PS: the theme is epic 🙂

patrik nilsson

Nice theme! I’ll get this for my ps3 for sure! Played it a little but on my pc to try it out, and it seems to be awesome!


Love it, Love the game, Don’t own and don’t want to own an X-Box


Great theme 5/5, can’t wait to play this on my ps3 ( I have it on PC).


Who is this troll? Of course, I bought both on Xbox, but I would buy it on PS3 as well. Hopefully, they’ll bring some form of the 1st Mass Effect to PS3 as well.


I would. Played the first on Xbox, then the Xbox burst into flames.

Mass Effect Fan

What idiot would get this on ps3? Come on if you played the first you obviously have a good gaming pc or xbox