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Medal of Honor Slideshow

Theme by Dennis “F-Rott” Ferrand

Medal of Honor Slideshow Theme
14 alternating backgrounds
Full custom icons

I made this theme because I’ve always been a huge Medal of Honor fan since the first one back on the PSOne. I recently purchased Medal of Honor Allied Assault for the PC and it got me back in the mood, so I decided to make this Slideshow theme!

Download Here

4 thoughts on “Medal of Honor Slideshow

  1. Dude, I wrote you back about the Slayer theme months ago. You never answered back. It was on the theme you originally asked about it.

    I asked that since you wanted an album covers Slayer theme, which I already made, what if I just made that theme slideshow?

    My psn is: FRott

  2. another nice piece bro, wheres that slayer theme i asked about awhile back? MOH one of the definitive shooters of the genre! you have a PSN id by chance?

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