Dead or Alive 5 Swimsuit Edition

Theme by uLtRaMa6nEt1c

This theme was created upon request.

2 Pro SlideShow themes in 1.
7 backgrounds in each theme.
All 14 girls from DoA5, Ultimate, and Plus are featured.
Download Here


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amazing please make one for ayane and kasumi only

Mr. Shizzy

Awesome!! +1


@mrj QQQ > Oh, that’s you? WOW you’re gay. You gotta be over 30. It’s time to put pants on and be a man. Stop this childish sh*t.


: sounds good and thanks for the guide, I’ll start working on something soon. πŸ˜€

alan partridge

nina williams would spank all their backsides.


Thank you OPTIMUS and doafan01 πŸ˜€


@HollowBattousai > Compile 2 separate RAF files. Name the first one anim_1. Name the 2nd RAF anim_2. (don’t change the extensions to JPG) Open the Theme’s XML (where your icons are) and go to the ‘bgimagetable’ section. On the line that says ‘bgimage anim=”anim_1.jpg’ change the ‘jpg’ part to ‘raf’. Copy that whole line and paste it under that line. Change the 2nd anim_1.raf to anim_2.raf. Your theme will compile as a Multi Pro SlideShow. The size is generally within the 10mb range, so you shouldn’t have any issues with uploading. If you need more help you know how to… Read more »


dude great job!! you got a +1 from me!

I’ve never seen a double pro slideshow theme before, did you make a new script? man you got me really interested on this. πŸ˜€


: Woooohoooo!!! Great job, my friend! Icons are awesome!
++++++++++++++++++++1!!! πŸ˜€
I loved Dead or Alive since the good old days (but I still have to play all the latest games… LOOOL! πŸ˜› )


Omfg…… GET READY FIGHT!!!!!!!!! God now all i need is a copy of dead or alive 5 ultimate thank you so much ultra this is going to be my main ps theme besides your spider man theme lol btw it looks awesome on my new tv now time to play doa woot πŸ™‚


Thanks Faxtron πŸ˜€


Ultra awesome job with the icons idea. Thanks for sharing.