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Call of Duty: Black Ops III Dynamic Theme

Theme by uLtRaMa6nEt1c

2 sounds (same as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Dynamic Theme).
Icons inspired by Call of Duty: Black Ops III BETA logo.
Made with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, and DP Animation Maker.
Thanks to mr_foxx for the preview video.

Download Here


40 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Black Ops III Dynamic Theme

  1. @uLtRaMa6nEt1c new theme (FC Barcelona Slideshow) (I uploaded it, just need to wait). Maybe I will make themes about soccer every 2-3 weeks.

  2. @doom, man I feel for you.
    I’ve been through a lot too. The streets, homeless, drugs, prison.
    A good woman found me and turned my life around, but it hasn’t been easy. Being the only provider for a wife and 2 kids (1 with special needs), and finally getting a job that gets us off public assistance (55, 60 hours a week with great pay and benefits) isn’t easy. I’ll be 40 this year and might be able to get a house and ‘think’ about a retirement plan.
    I can count my RL friends on 1 hand (that’s the way I like it), but I only get to hang out once in a while because of my hours and their families and professions.
    It could be worse, but it could be better. I’ve missed a lot of opportunities. I guess that’s true of most people’s situations.
    I’m late to the party, but I’m really lucky to be here.

  3. @ULTRA
    not too sure, i take care of my grandma at the moment so i haven’t been working- basically my uncle needs a ‘home body’ because everyone here works full time, in exchange i dont pay rent..

    but i have other responsibilitys and a life to live,
    i feel like im stuck, i have a daughter to take care of and im unemployed. its like i have been positioned here like a pawn on a chess board.

    with my lack of a high school diploma and a mark on my record from when i turned 18 -im 33 now* its hard to find a job that i can make any real money to do anything, my family knows this, so its like on one hand i cant afford to move- if i get a job that someone like me can actually aquire ill hafto pay rent here and i wont be able to save to move anyway based on the pay,


    its a long story but at the moment im trying to assemble a PC out of desktop towers im finding in the trash over time, a ps4 is out of my grasp. i have a hard time maintaining my bicycle for the 20 mile bike rides to and from my daughters house,

    you can look at it from two different angles,
    i basically dont pay rent at all, play video games on free internet, a few essentials get handled with welfare so i can survive,

    so in those few ways ‘i got the world by the balls’

    if i was a kid with ZERO responsibilitys maybe…..

    on the other hand i have zero retirement, zero income, no car, no licence, old clothes, a HELL of a mother inlaw, my daughter is about to start pre K, my two step kids are surpassing me in life, the two friends i have left are bizzy all the time- and im that ‘loser friend’ that the wife brings up in a fight with her hubby, so hangin out dont really happen, the rest of my friends are dead/in jail/dying/or found a way to stab me in the back a few times.

    ill tell you what, it takes alot to stab me in the back, im a ‘nice guy’ you gotta be a scumbag to try to take advantage of me,

    im down to two friends now.. LOL

    well you know what i mean- two friends i could hang out with at a pub or some shit.

    actually 3 friends, yeah,

    but anyway,

    a ps4 may aswell be on the moon for me in my case,

    or i can rob a bank, but then id go to jail. lol.


    wherever you are, you have inspired so many people here over the years through this site with the love of your craft with the art you have created, teaching others or simply taking the time to talk to someone as a friend. you set the bar here in so many ways,

    optimus was a great man, there where challenges in his life that where unimaginable yet he kept punching through, he was one of the strongest people i have ever had the pleasure of speaking with, and i will never forget him,

    sincerely, your crazy friend -DooM.

  5. yeah tech, its been a while, im not going anywhere , ill be around till the wheels fall off of this site, ive just had ALOT of shit going wrong in my life, im at this plateau- like a steady stream of bullshit that happens week to week, just non stop bad luck,

    look i know theres people out there that got it worse, but god damn it- every time something good happens its met with disaster, or the good just dont happen, like, i dont even get depressed anymore. i know that getting depressed is a waste of time, and so is arguing , its like i got a front row seat to a shit show and im just watching with a blank stare.

    but i know that once things get this way theres only one way to go and thats up, so by inches or yards eventually everything is gonna turn around.

  6. im so outta the loop, i have no idea whats going on, im almost shut off from everything, i dont watch tv and i hardly go out at all, so i check out a few youtube channels and listen to what they say kinda like watching the news, i dont dig into things real far i just hear short clips N when i hear wild shit i just stop cold because at that moment i got something to talk about lol.

  7. Aye yo doom man, I can’t get in touch with OPTIMUS dude. He was real cool. We talked a lot outside of here. Last time I spoke with him he wasn’t doing well. I fear the worst.
    I know you wanted to know

  8. Yo Tech Ninja, add me on PSN. Same name.
    @doom – Sony is not strictly focused on consoles, lol. They still have their TV business (some of the best out there), movie business (licensing Spiderman to Marvel is a genius deal for Sony), let’s not forget Blu-rays (which Microsoft pays Sony to use for XBOX ONE, so they’re already collaborating).
    Microsoft (XBOX) wants to do cross-platform gaming with “gaming” networks, not particularly with Sony, but Sony is in that category.
    Sony and Microsoft ain’t going away any time soon. Business is always shakey. That’s business ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. at least thats what stonefoxmedia on youtube makes shit sound like with the companys. i got my info there.

    now lastnight after that shit i wrote i watched an alphaomegasin video about xbox talking about cross platform gaming- something about xbox wanting to make a deal with sony to cross platform merge,

    both youtubers seem like they have respectable channels and im getting mixed signals from both and i dont know if i sound crazy or not LOL.

    i only believe the shit they say because its my belief that these guys dont wanna be labeled as bullshitters and lose subs- ect.

  10. xbox aint lookin so good these days tho, they just shut down 8 studios, alot of porting to PC talk-ish from xbox.

    sony sold ALL of there new york buildings and are strictly focused on consoles.

    both companys are a little shakey these days.

    but microsoft has more avenues for cash rev obviously since sony shut down everything BUT ps4.

    basically the next xbox gen is most likely gonna be just N app on PC.

    and sony is going ALL IN on there consoles so its the only thing keeping the brand name floating.

  11. im having a hard time coming up with the perfect name for it, ‘hydrogen bong’ sounds ok. but every time i look at it i second guess the name, im not sure if i should still call it ATARI or not. lol.

  12. i finished that bong by the way, its a bad motor scooter, lol.

    its definitely a force to be reckoned with,

    its kinda like a personal celebratory piece,
    i built it with a specific science behind it,

    basically its the kind of thing you reach for when the time is right.

    i forget if i told you i finished that.

    …….oh boy. LMAO

  13. just be creative, thats all i ask.. lol. and thank you for giving it a green light. ๐Ÿ™‚ i have no specific thoughts on it, shit, you know what my ideas can turn into first hand lol. as far as the doom 3d dynamic idea and the hydrogen bong ideas,

    just surprise me, i promise i wont hate it. lol.

  14. +1, hey i have a request if anyone would like to give it a go,

    if theres any game that will make me get a ps4 at any cost its the new doom,

    so, im not talking about a doom64 theme or the classics, the new one.

    has anyone read about it in game informer?

  15. Oh come on Ultra nice theme but why couldn’t you use the same icons you used on your Black Ops 2 theme that would of been more amazing.

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