BlazBlue: Taokaka

Theme by ShadowSkilz

This theme contains 10 wallpapers ( HD only ) cute chibi taokaka icons and sounds from the game.
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Taokaka-Chan Is So Cute <3


i love the sounds in this theme to but you think you can lower the volume of it? my tv was at 5 and it scared the shit out of me XD


Oh yeah! For sure! XD


But that’s the point! We can see her purple panty!!! xD When you’re 13 year old, things like that make you addicted to the game!!!

And I don’t even talk about Jenny when she’s crouching…

Lmao πŸ˜€


Oh yeah! Too bad it was possible just to “imagine” what was under her shorts, since you could not see much πŸ˜›
Maybe, if the game was like Dead or Alive… πŸ˜€


Oh man Jenny… :p

I don’t know if you remember Shina’s third costume in BR2, with her teared up denim short! I use to be a pervert when I was a kid! xD


Lol! You misunderstood: that’s precisely what I meant… πŸ˜›
You know, after the 2nd Bloody Roar, I no more bought that game because to me everything started to seem “already seen”.

Oh yeah, Long and Bakuryu!
My favourite characters were:

Bloody Roar 1 = Yugo the wolf, Long the tiger, Bakuryu the mole and Alice the rabbit.

Bloody Roar 2 = the characters I mentioned plus Shina the leopard, Stun the insect and Jenny the bat.



Oh yeah, Bloody Roar! I have it, but just the first 2 games.

Man don’t feel bad, The first two games are the best, to me, and many people!

Ah I’ve spent so many time practicing combos with Shenlong and Bakuryu πŸ˜€


Yeeeaaah! OLD SCHOOL GAMERS: that’s exactly the right definition! πŸ˜€ Yep, indeed… when you’re a child you don’t realize what you’re missing. Fortunately I always been a… “maniac”: once bought something, I rarely sell it back. And after 30 years of gaming, I have so many games, consoles and other stuff that I’m not even able to find my bed to go sleep, now… πŸ˜› Aaaah, Resident Evil… I have all three games. Think that 2 years ago I almost became crazy to find the original (japanese) Street Fighter Zero… The disc contains an extra: the very first trailer of… Read more »


Oh man I don’t hate you, you’re just like me, an old school gamer, you deserve it. I was foolish to sell all the stuff I had ( you don’t realise when you’re a kid) let me tell how much I regret it now… So now I’m tryin’ to get it all back (e-bay and stuff…) But for some things it’s gonna be hard, like tombi and all. At least I’ve found a Rival Schools version almost new!!! πŸ˜€ I’m still searchin’ for my favorate games on PS1, like the resident evils, syphon filters… Oh by the way, do you… Read more »


Yes, I know… πŸ˜›
And (maybe you will hate me for that… :D) I also have Tombi and the other games you mentioned like Spyro, Crash, etc and a lot of other rare games like Dekotora, Devilman, Macross and so on but… you know, I don’t think to be lucky: I simply bought those games in that period and I collected and preserved them until today…