Ichigo (Strawberry) 100% v1.0

Theme by Tsukasafan

-First off, the main heading icons are re-sized head shot pics from some Spanish website explaining the manga link is here –> http://www.pobladores.com/channels/aficiones_y_tiempo_libre/SaKuRa_MaGiC/area/27/subarea/1

-The other icons I took off of HollowBattousai’s EVA-Asuka v1.2 theme from this site.

-Now, the reason for this theme is because I just finished reading the manga again and thought about all the other custom manga/anime themes available. I set out to find one for this fantastic series, but to my disappointment, found none on any site. So even though this was my first theme (w/ 9 backgrounds) I hope it’s on par for other fans standards.
Download Here

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