Black Ops II Dynamic/Animated


hi this is a custom theme made by me from scratch ,way to much to list lol i did not quite get time make it perfect because ive got heaps on atm lets just say this is the beta version, lol but i decided to upload it any way hope you enjoy it , version 1.0 when i have more time !
Download Here


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dude that’s sick! i like it .. looking forward to ur next theme!


well . it wont be for a while, because from now on, all game themes i make im going to make the characters from scratch my self using 3ds max ,so i own the all the art work ! in my themes,
plus it gives you more control over you scene when you can pose your character any way you want lol here is a look my animated xmas 2013 theme BAD SANTA (under construction all the characters were made in 3ds max , making them do what i want in the scene is hilariouscomment image


lol thanks man! so whens your next theme coming out??


, wow man sounds like you have it all worked out !! good on you, i wish you all the best! with school!! study hard party harder lol


nope not at the moment.. i have some planned themes but i don’t think i’ll ever get the chance to work on them since i’ve been packed with school work and im only going to get more work lol


, thanks man ! its good to be back ! you working on anything?


sick theme dude! keep up the great work! nice to see you back πŸ™‚


thanks man, but its not my first rodeo !!! and i hope so too!


Awesome theme, love the equalizer effect! hope to see more great work from you Audio, +1!!


thanks mate !


Badass theme, well done, Audiodeviant!


@-.-Faxtron thanks heaps , its all because of your tutorials man so thank you!! keep it up this site needs more like you!! and of coarse lets not forget OPTIMUS prime hay buddy , pm oh ok will check it now, and thanks its good to be back in a sense !!!! @-.- uLtRaMa6nEt1c thanks man faxtron insipred me with his animated window theme the theme is not quite finished i just got annoyed with in the end but i made a psd template so i can change anything in it quick smart ! i was going to do the… Read more »


: Spectacular! But I already told you that, my friend… right? πŸ˜‰
Really glad to see you again!
Funny thing is I sent you a message about this, so… go check your inbox! πŸ˜€


+ 1 Awesome job my friend πŸ™‚ This is one of the best Black Ops 2 theme on this site right now for real. Thanks for sharing this cool theme with us πŸ™‚


This is dope. Great job. I love all the little details especially the equalizer effect. Awesome. Glad to see you making themes again. +1