Bioshock #6

Theme by Faxtron

Icons created by “Kevin Daniel”
Download Here


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@-.-FURY @-.- Truth_Wanted Thanks ! About our request I can’t do it because I’m working in to many things at the same time and I don’t have the time to do it right now. I’m working in themes and in tutorials right now and I can do this only with I have free time converting it in an imposible mission because not all the time I can get that free time I can work on this and that free time is very, very short. My work, family and others things consume 95% of my time and more my work. I… Read more »


Great Theme! +1. looks better than the other BioShock themes, that’s for sure 😀



Hey there. I don’t think I’ve introduced myself, but anyways nice to meet you. I was wondering if you could make me a WWE 13 dynamic theme? Nothing specific, just a real nice looking wwe 13 theme. Looking forward to it 😉


hey Fax could you please make a dynamic theme of the new 2014 Corvette C7 Stingray if you get the free time…

great theme on Bioshock as well.. i cant wait for Bioshock infinite to release.. that and God Of War Ascension


now thats a bioshock dy theme =0D



Totally agree! +1, my friend!

Thanks my friend 🙂 BTW : I have started a series of tutorials as we talked to help to the comunity of PS3_themes to achieve better themes in the future. Thanks for your comment.


Thanks mate 🙂

Thanks ! Well for my next theme I want to create one for GOW Ascension. I have the idea, the images and the concept in my mind too but I need something that I can’t manage and control, time to do it. Plus I want to create a new tutorial in the forum. Let see what I can do.


Totally agree! +1, my friend! 😀


Nice. I always thought that scene would be good for a theme. The icons fit perfectly too. +1


oh nice its up , checking it out now ! as always +10 what will you do next i wonder ? lol cant wait to see !