A New Year with PS3-Themes

Theme by OPTIMUS

A brand new year has just begun… a new year that we’ll spend all together with our favorite site!
I’m very happy about that… Thanks a lot, PS3-THEMES! 😀

I tried to reproduce the site’s new style as best as I could, and I completely redrew the icons I used for the first theme dedicated to this site that I made long ago, in order to make them fit well to the new style.

So, the theme contains:
– 1 handmade background (HD/SD);
– Handmade icons;
– No sounds.

Hope you like it. Enjoy! 😉
Download Here

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Well, I was working on a wwe 13 remade theme but thats already on the site now, and my grandfather is visiting from canada, so we’ve been spending time with him so I haven’t had much time to make themes. and I got wwe 13, so I’ve been playing that alot and tomorrow were going deep sea fishing, so I’m pretty booked for this week. but I’ll be working on a theme monday. I think im going to make a batman theme? idk, yet… but i’ll keep thinking on ideas 😉


: Thanks a lot, mate, really glad you like it!
(Lol! That’s one of the reasons why I keep on making only static themes… :P)
And thanks for the offer: I’ll keep it in mind! 😀

BTW… are you working on something?


@-.- OPTIMUS: Great theme! I like the designs of the background, very pleasing to the eyes. and not to mention your great artwork on the icons! they look great optimus! I don’t know if it’s just me, but I like the theme mainly because your eyes aren’t focusing on moving objects like a dynamic theme would have :P. anyways, +1, and I downloaded it. I will have it on my ps3 til the day it breaks 😉 hope to see more great work from you optimus! and listen, anytime you wanna make a theme but you can’t do it on… Read more »


: Oops… I noticed I forgot to give credit!
I mean: although I drew everything with my own hands, the fact remains that, in any case, I reproduced the site’s overall graphics without giving credit, in the theme’s description, for the work you did.
Forgive me! 😛

So… credit goes to the site’s admin (and/or anybody else) for the beautiful graphics! 😀
And thanks a lot!


, uLtRaMa6nEt1c, Senya Saigyouji & Faxtron: So glad you like it, guys!
And thank you very much, I really appreciate! 😀
(Lol! Thanks for the visit, Senya 😉 )


+1 from me. Thanks OPTIMUS 🙂

Senya Saigyouji

Very sleek and modern-looking, pleasant to the eyes as well. Excellent illustrations too. Magnificent work!!

I thought I might as well pay a visit to an acquaintance~
– Yours Truly


This is cool. I like what you did with the icons too. I’m glad that you can continue to do this thing we enjoy so much. The new year seems to have started well for you. Keep it up. +1


wow , cool theme optimus , very sleek design . icons are nice to. +1 my friend >. hope all is well