Asura Vs. Ryu Dynamic/Animated theme

Theme by Harima

Animated theme from one of my favorite game Asura’s Wrath. If you haven’t played it, get a copy now its amazing. This is my first attempt on creating a fire and lightning effects using Photoshop so bear with me dahaha. Im still in the learning process and hoping to improve more so if you got any ideas about photoshop feel free to message me. Thats it Enjoy the theme.*Reminder* -To get the best quality of the theme make sure to change your rgb setting into full Trust me it themes will look better^_^

Special Thanks to Klfiretears for his awesome tutorial in youtube!!

Theme specs>>>
– Custom icons
– Custom sounds
– 3 frames
– Images size 1920×1080
Download Here


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Damn, I dunno who’s gonna win the fight.


Thanks guys ill do more of this once im free with everything ^^


You did a great job man, +1…. Thanks for sharing.


@Harima btw terrific custom sounds ^-^


@Harima cool thanks for sharing 5/5


@HARIMA: Ooh maaan… you did a GREAT job, mate! And you really deserve a BIG +1! 😀


Yo Harima, I love this. You did a great job. I like the cutout art style, the icons, the effects, and even the sounds go well with this. You said you used 3 frames? – that’s nuts. Make more themes like this. +5 of 5.


+1 great job you did very well !!