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Dark Souls II Dynamic Theme

Theme by uLtRaMa6nEt1c

Made with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, and DP Animation Maker.

*Knight? is catching his breath after a battle.
*Fur on knight? is waving.
*A fire rages in the background.
*Embers & debris flying by.
Icons made to resemble logo.

Requested by Sephiroth__23
Download Here


41 thoughts on “Dark Souls II Dynamic Theme

  1. frott thats amazing !!!! i just hope u guys still put time into ps3 themes if creation reaches the ps4..

    @everyone, i found out that there is a setting in cod bo2 where if you have those old red and blue
    3d glasses, you can play any mode in bo2 in 3D..
    works on a 2d tv. its epic, im addicted..

    youll find the settings in grafix settings, there will be TWO different 3d modes, enable the top one.
    put those red and blue glasses on….
    works for zombies and multiplayer,
    definite awsome factor!!!!


  2. i really hope id pulled it back together for the greater good of what doom was.
    find a way to recreate that old feeling.
    the new doom should be the one that they
    finally balance through trial and error.
    the new hight, an example of what the future
    of gaming is for the ps4. 3d environments, shadowing, first person shooting, gore, pc gaming, THE WORDS “DEATH MATCH”

    every time you see blood in a game, id did it first, nazi zombies, id did it first, the shadow your in game environment casts, id did it first,
    they invented side scrolling on PC..

    after they became rich they fell apart and the original id team went in different directions,
    but together they made bill gates interested in games..
    they actually inspired a billionair to make xbox.
    by introducing the possibilitys of gaming through computers… the technology to download games through computers spawned through freeware and spread like a virus just after doom sold more games than any other franchise on earth as just n independent company of only 5 guys…. now we download new added content through personal computers that go by the names sony and microsoft.

    john carmack never stops trying to revolutionise new game engines,
    and i think hes the only original id member
    left in the company. aside from designing rockets for NASA while he made the doom3 bfg edition for ps3 he tinkerd with snowboarding goggles on his desk and created an 80% submissive VR headset
    …on his desk, he created the most powerful virtual reality technology to date. out of snowboarding goggles he had sitting around,
    this guy is a technological genius.
    and he makes video games.

    but how do you take ‘flyn taggart’ the main character that doesn’t speak just kills from the early 90’s into 2015?

    i think if you take the original doom games and put a new look to it could be amazing.
    just enhance the grafix to hd and create new puzzle maps, it will never happen though. but it would be sweet.
    i just hope the new id staff did something special this time around.

  3. Can’t make a topic on the Forums because it doesn’t work, so I’ll post it here. I culled this from the PlayStation Blog:

    Quote from PlayStation Blog comments:

    “Thanks for the support – we know you guys love dynamic themes on PS3 and look forward to evolving the idea for PS4… How would YOU evolve dynamic themes given the flow of the PS4 UI? We’re listening… let us know!” – Scott McCarthy, Director, Product Planning & Software Innovation, SCEA

    Aawwww yeaaah! One of my favorite hobbies on the PS3 will hopefully be coming to PS4!

  4. @doom – “i dont have a single bit of thc in my body”. I know how you feel πŸ™
    I didn’t even hear about Doom 4. I gotta check that out. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out like Duke Nukem Forever. Not that Doom 4 has been in development hell, but it has been a WHILE (aside from the BFG edition).

  5. @ULTRA. yeah, i wish, i dont have a single bit of thc in my body, when i find a job that doesn’t
    drug test and everything gets a little comfortable
    im gonna smoke. but i gotta stay clean till i find the job spot, i was actually on a small benzo.
    i hate pills but they help me relax my mind.

    i heard!! DOOM4 BETA with WOLFENSTEIN!!!!
    i dont think its coming out for ps3
    could be the only two games that drag me to 4.. pluss the conversion box works anything hdmi, im just worried i wont find a/v conversion.
    like snes 3d WWOOOOTT!! LOL.
    off topic..

    the doom4 beta should be good,
    the bfg edition in my opinion was just
    to show younger gamers the concept
    of what doom was about.

    this is the basic idea,,,
    this is what we did in the 1990’s here….
    look we made a sequel that was better…
    doom64 is epic.. 3d models improving. darker evil, uppin the horror.
    look what we did here, we are the first at fps and now 3d shadowing!! DOOM3

    doom3. when i first played doom3 i got half way through the game…..

    i stopped playing for a while due to the fact that i almost had a F***ing heart attack..

    it was so dark and creepy with those JOLT scare moments i had to put it down for a minute.. but i eventually booted it back up and kicked its ass.. i loved it.. ITS SUPPOSTA BE REALLY DARK!!! LOL

    my thoughts on doom 4.
    well, i have been waiting for many years,,
    not for just another sequel …
    not for some cheesy remake.
    i want some seventh circle chainsaw rippin body smashin gore that will make my tv weep tears of blood.. i want it to be a bad bitch…
    oldschool bad ass with newschool technology.
    they say they have so mutch shit going on in doom4 that the ps3 isnt powerful enuff for it..
    ps3 would need 2 disks, xbox360 would need 4……
    so with that being said, im going to keep my fingers crossed… and pray that they took a few pages from ‘brutal doom’ pc hacked games.. and wait a little longer…… and watch for its youtube vid reviews..

  6. @Doom: Man, your mind is an erupting volcano πŸ˜€
    I really can’t imagine what you will do – and your reaction – when they’ll release the Doom 4 beta with “Wolfenstein The New Order” next month… LOL! πŸ˜›

  7. thanks ultra!! and happy easter!! πŸ™‚

    so i was thinking, whenever the hell i get my GS pro i can shapen the graffix and adjust the brightness with the GS pro unit’s hacks through
    the n64 console its self, and add surround sound for the ambience, then if i can find a converter box for av cable to converter to hd 2d to conversion 3d, well that will be like a first i think,

    i think i may be the first person on earth to try this with doom64..

    to try and inhance the game for it to play clearly hd, then add a third dimension, visually and audibly… ext ram, Gs pro, 2d to 3d conversion….

    if this works… i will be crazy happy. πŸ™‚

  8. its a depth kind of 3d, not a pop kind,
    its more like eye candy like it presses in instead of out,
    it gives the environment inside more dimension,
    where if you are playing a map with statues and decorated backgrounds youll find yourself walking around staring at stuff like oooohh, where did i put my Lsd again? lol.

    its interesting, i know its not going to be like a VR helmet but quite possibly the next best thing

  9. happy easter optimus!!
    and everyone else!!

    hey optimus, im planning on getting a 2d to 3d converter box for my 2d tv, the red n blue glasses
    i have doom BFG ed. for ps3 that comes with doom1 and doom2 on ps3 format so i can run it off the diskand through the converter box….
    just let me find a a/v to hdmi converter n ill be
    playing N64 3D… im extra excited..

  10. sounds like some haters to me, sounds like some little dorks that i would kick into trash cans. but honestly, i remember one of you clowns from before! you had to bring your butt buddy here to show him how bad you got butchered before when you left with your tail between your legs the first time little girl :), im just getting started children dont make me actually mad… we’ll hafto put it to a vote again losers…. so two horrible excuses for trolls walk into a room, the rest of us know why you hate, because you CANT do what they do and you bitch because you dont have a creative bone in your body and you WISH you could be good enuff for anyone to even pay attention to at ANYTHING AT ALL BECAUSE YOUR JUST TRASH THAT FEEDS OFF OF THE BOTTOM OF ANYONES CREATIONS BECUSE YOUR USELESS PIECES OF DONKEY SHIT THAT PROBABLY CANT EVEN DRESS THEMSELVES.. your like the dudes that get knocked out at the party and everyone laughs, clown shoes,,,,,

  11. Seriously this is Garbage! huffing and puffing endless loop over and over and over again, like I’m out of breath after kicking your ass and sharp shooting you, NA!!

    Doom = Bum blasting, bottom , ya”ll know -1 = Retrarded . Guess we all know now that Doom is retarded. Takes one to know one, and a bottom too! Ewww

  12. Thanks a lot everyone πŸ˜€

    @Snow_arg – I can’t make a tutorial for this type of theme. You have to know your way around Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash. There are other types of themes that can be made. Check the TUTORIALS tab at the top of the page.

    Add me on PSN: ultrama6net1c

  13. Excellent man, icons, particles, the movement of the hero, everything! Thanks a million for completing my request!

  14. uLtRaMa6nEt1c:

    Wow guys. Thanks a lot
    @323ver1 – I don’t usually do requests, but that Blade & Soul has piqued my interest. We’ll see…

    I can’t wait to see what you do with it, thanks.

  15. That’s amazing, I don’t suppose something like that can be rigged for a 360 background could it?

  16. omg, OHH MYY GODD ! ! ! !
    HOLY S**** DUDE ! ! ! !

    totally awsome..
    -1 = F***ING RETARDED.
    a very amazing theme sir,
    a very well deserved +1

  17. Hey do you requests? If yes, could you make a Blade and Soul or Black Bullet theme? just use high quality wallpapers, thanks.

  18. Great Job Ultra not a fan of the game though I was still one of those that waited for the Beta around 3 a.m. when they first introduced it and there was no luck and then 2 weeks later they tried it again and it worked but was not to impressed but anyways great job Ultra πŸ™‚

  19. @ULTRA: Oooh maaan… great job, mate!
    I really like the effects: they look so natural!
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++1! πŸ˜€

  20. AAA theme, man. Excellent job, Utra!

    I was waiting patiently and now I can finally download it. Lol

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