Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Animated

Theme by GlowBall

Animated theme using the same style as my MW3 theme. Icons I edited from Assassins Creed #10 theme by myowncars (great name).


Leave a comment or just say thanks 🙂

Checkout the preview

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Animated UPDATE – For all firmwares including 4.0 🙂
Download Here


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Sham Din

Nice!Well I have the same issue like the sounds


great theme i love it i have i question though how do i get the sound to work on my ps3 for this theme


that is the ac theme i’ll seen
thanks 🙂


Thanks !


: I’m having the same issue, at least by the sounds of it. When I do certain actions like starting up the browser, accessing my PS+ Cloud Saves, or other random actions I might not yet have discovered, the wallpaper part of this theme at least seems to reset, forcing the wallpaper off and replacing it with the basic sparkly PS3 wallpaper. The icons stick though.


hey glow ball,

thanks for the theme

julian p.s

thanks for theme is very nice



I love this theme ,cause this is my favorite game !!!!
Well done!”!

Old Dog

Hey, great theme cheers.

Question, how do I get the music playing ala the preview? Or does it not happen?



Can you create this dynamic theme, but without the video?? please


For me this theme is working like a charm 🙂



Puzzled why??? man

is anyone else having this issue?


I have now done a tutorial on how to create these type of themes here



After the animation is finished, it goes back to the normal theme. The wallpaper goes back and but the icons for your theme stay. How do I fix this?


could you make me an animated theme please? i got everything you will need just don’t know how to make it a theme and then how to cut the video down lol thanks if you can just message me back 😛


WOW thanks fella 🙂 it’s nice to be appreciated

Merry Christmas to you to 🙂


I just wanted to say thank you, not only to GlowBall, but everyone that contributes to this site, Thanks for all the hard work and dedicated hours and days and weeks that you guys put in to making themes for all the playstation community. I really appreciate it, this is my alltime favorite site, and you guys are super cool.

Merry Christmas, StEpS.





Yeah it was an easy fix fella thanks to Seclairty31.

You shouldn’t be nervous about future updates man. I believe that Sony lowered the limitations to keep the cpu usage down (they added vita support) not to stop us lovely people from promoting there console and games through themes 🙂


Sony just can’t let us have anything these days 🙁

Glad to hear it was a fairly easy fix this time.

But makes me nervous for the next update though since they are obviously on to what people have been able to do with animating themes like this.
(which renders their own offical dynamic themes they sell to be worthless basically ;D )

Darth Black

Good theme, congrats…


F-Rott from what I’ve seen, the only themes affected were themes with more than 88 frames. I did not have to edit the xml to make themes work. I just had to reduce the amount of frames. So in sum static themes should still work exactly as they did before with no need for any change


Been out of the game for a while, so maybe someone can answer me this:
What needed to be changed for Firmware 4.00 compatibility? I don’t plan on making Dynamic Themes, but I’d like to know if there’s any XML edits I’ll need later on for static themes?


I have uploaded the firmware 4.0 update will be approved within 1-7 days 🙂


ok, wth? Since I have updated to 4.0, none of my custom dynamic themes work including this one….


great themes but y need for ps3 version 4.0 please please please thanks thanks very thanks


ok this is my absolute most favourite theme ever could you please make a grand theft auto 4 or 5 one the gta5 trailer would work great



Your NOT the base creator of this and the props goes to Ubisoft for creating an amazing series of games 🙂 and giving me the opportunity to use my current style of animated theme with their latest game.

Quote from theme description
“Icons I edited from Assassins Creed #10 theme by myowncars (great name).”


I appreciate my Icons were used in a theme that is so popular but I deserve props as being the base creater rather than myowncars. allthat sonofabitch did was take my theme and change the background. It’s wierd seeing a revamped version of my theme kinda cool and unsettlingly frustrating all at the same time


is perfect thanks



Not sure about that style cus without sound it looks personal and I like to create/upload themes for everyone to enjoy but on the plus side my tutorial will be on in a day or so. Maybe you can have a go, you could use an arcade machine as your border 🙂


Arkham city is already on the list I will use the background image and video which you can see before you start the game, nice 🙂



You don’t sound happy fella. But i’m missing your point here cus you give me 2 links saying he stole icons from your theme in 2009 and used them in a theme he made in 2010. myowncars didn’t state if he used anyone elses work and you didn’t make a comment to say he stole your icons.

I did and do prefer to make my own icons but this time my icons over powered the background. So I used old ones.

mmm… I wonder if their his cars lol 🙂


myowncars ripped this blatantly from my theme don’t believe me see for yourself Here’s The Link I made this in November 2009 as the page implies
Here’s myowncars link his was made April 10th 2010 Icons look familiar they bloody well should


Hey Glowball I know you have alot to do on your to do list but possibly could you make an arkham city theme with the part of the trailer on the rooftops in the rain Cant find any good arkham city themes Good work on the AC theme by the way Im currently using it now : )


thanks i can’t wait!


Hey GlowBall great theme man.
I know you dont no me but could you please do a deadpool theme like this style with this video plz
I would really appreciate it 🙂


Very nice theme Glowball.

Can I pick your brain on Slideshow?



To edit dds files you would need Photoshop and nvidia dds plugin. My advice is use youtube to help with Photoshop effects etc 🙂



Saints Row theme is going well gonna try to upload today 🙂


Dark Souls a game which I have never played but I will look at some clips but it’s hard to make unless u have played or even seen what the game is about.


I have an Uncharted 3 animated theme now. I was gonna add some dynamic effects to it but I was let down a bit by the game. So I will try and upload it today too 🙂


these style of themes you are currently making are AMAZING! keep up the great work 😉 p.s. maybe in the future you could create an Uncharted 3 theme using this style & format


hi .. we don’t no each other but if you can help me i would be very grateful .. i want to make a dynamic theme but i don’t no how to edit dds files .. can you help .. even by a little advice ?



Thanks. yeah there kinda running out of ideas for the series but still a great game. Had the background and clip for a while but couldn’t create a border to suit it. hoping to get my Saints Row 3 animated out before that release too
MGS would be nice I will add it to my to do list . I think Kevinos maybe working on a dynamic theme for MGS with 3D models etc…

Wow! thx i will wait for a MGS theme
Amazing job with your themes bdw


i love the style your using with these themes XD awesome!
You think you can do a dark souls theme just like this?


nice theme! but i hate to ask but how is the saints row 3 theme going?



Thanks. yeah there kinda running out of ideas for the series but still a great game. Had the background and clip for a while but couldn’t create a border to suit it. hoping to get my Saints Row 3 animated out before that release too 🙂


MGS would be nice I will add it to my to do list :). I think Kevinos maybe working on a dynamic theme for MGS with 3D models etc…


Excellent! Absolutely love the background (even though i’m sick of the series now), and it’s just in time for the game’s release too.


Awesome theme! could you please make a theme like this but for Metal Gear Solid fans?
Peace walker, Snake Eater o Gus of the Patriots please! (Peace Walker is amazing in PS3)