Kan’u Unchou Ikkitousen Slideshow Theme

Theme by Zadkiel

-15 images 1920×1280
-Option Sounds
-Icons by ???? – I’m sorry, I don’t remember the author

If you want a theme just let me know 😀
Download Here


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Asamiya I already made a Lightning theme https://www.ps3-themes.com/gaming/lightning-final-fantasy-trilogy-slideshow.html and I’ll make a Lucy theme 😀

Kiryu Asamiya

hi how long friend zadkiel
I was wondering if you can do a Lightning theme, from any of the 3 sagas, is that that woman I love haha
oh also as a second option a Lucy theme of the anime elfen lied but uncensored 7u7
If possible, I ask you please that the icons be personalized and with sound, I like your themes and in fact I have several saved in my ps3 and a usb, greetings friend zadkiel and apologize for the inconvenience ^^!)