Gaara of the Sand

Theme by gslimjim98

This is my first attempt at making a ps3 theme so I’m not expecting outstanding praise for it but i do want your feedback and suggestions on what should be changed. mind you some of the sounds were cut from ultimate ninja storm so the extra sound you hear couldn’t be helped. but im up for suggestions.

there are 6 HD only backrounds based on my first favorite ninja of naruto, Gaara. i made cause i never find any good themes for him so i madeone myself
Download Here

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yea i know, i got the “EEEYYOOO” sound from naruto ultimate ninja storm and i found the rest of the sounds by downloading a sound effects pack for naruto somewhere. i will update this theme with better icons cause i’m sure people get tired of staring at shikaku’s eyes lol


Nice them good wallpapers, i think u just need to fix the sound issue

and maybe see if u can get hold of some nuruto icons and maybe use em

Not Bad ^_^