Saber Lily (with Saber’s voice)

Theme by Renya Nippon

This is Saber Lily. Buttons with Saber’s armor’s color.
Orders with Saber’s voice.
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Renya Nippon

First of all. Thanks to all of you. And please try to share it to increase its popularity.(sorry for promotion)
Second, I have read most of your comments. And I saw
some requests about Saeko and Miku. Okay, I will try my best since I don’t know them much.
Thirdly, the girl in this theme is SABER LILY. One wallpaper does reveal her name. (Totally five and one SD) Saber Lily is from FATE/UNLIMITED CODES (psp, ps2). Become popular for her costume.


Dude this is awesome! Thanks!
Could you please make one of Saeko Busujima & Hatsune Miku. ^_~