Akatsuki HD

Theme by Jubei808

A sinister organization with individuals blessed with frightening skills and god-like powers, Akatsuki makes things very difficult for Naruto and pretty much everyone else on the planet. I dedicate my 21st theme to my favorite anime tv series, Naruto and to the most dangerous collection of villains ever assembled, Akatsuki. This theme has 16 HD only backgrounds dedicated to each Akatsuki member and custom icons that I created. Enjoy and please leave your comments.
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you need to have an HDMI cable connected to an HD TV to see the background because he/she said the pictures are in HD

great work on this awsome theme the Akatsuki aint the only ones with talent


Thanks a lot for this theme, I really enjoy Naruto too 🙂


there’s no background, i really want the pictures to it, cause i love this theme.


Yo i can see the icons but no images wats with that


That theme is great, the only background that is ..too much is the girl that can transform in paper where she is almost naked.


hey these pics are great i love them and they look even better since i have HDMI1 thx 4 making them