Fighter Jets HD Part II

Theme by Mr.Fussy

Theme contains 16 HD pictures of various fighter jets, I’ve tried to include more action shots of jets with smoke and vapour trails this time, one of the images is a composite that I made as an experiment to see if I could make it look real, I hope you like the theme ?

Icons By Unknown
Download Here

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Thanks OPTIMUS, nice one man 🙂


Hey baddad01, wow I’m stunned by the huge complement man, thanks very much for that ! I looked into your request for Rooster Tails shots but as it’s something that as far as I know can’t be done for real it’s very difficult to get any high quality images, that’s why I went for some different action style shots in this one. Glad you like it man and thanks again for the complement, it’s very much appreciated 🙂


: Hey, mate! Check my “Paul Bearer” theme… 😉

.Fussy: Uh, nice theme here… +1! 🙂


Mr. Fussy you really out did yourself on this theme i have both themes now and the second one is awesome, i especially love when the 8 planes form that smoke as they are flying down and the other where they are making turn and the 4 planes letting the smoke trail afterwards in formation. But the whole theme is what the kids nowadays say, it’s off the chart Fussy. I really love fighter jets and the themes that you are putting together, i just hope you keep flying high and making the fighter jets themes.