Safe in the darkness

Theme by Antibushido

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i have a problem with this theme.. when i set it as my theme it comes up with a different picture.. i want the same face as on the display pic. but it comes up as a totally different pic.. does anyone know how to fix this?


to RELIABLE_ACORN sorry it took me so long i have been working on some school work and iv also been looking for more backgrounds for my themes. Thanks for your comments above it realy makes me fill that i have been putting out some good stuff as for the background shown above i thought i had put it in. but no worry ill make another theme like the above with that background and more. expect it to be up sometime jan 23.


This theme is remarkable. Nice work! I haven’t seen a gothic-ish art/horror theme this good for awhile. I do also agree with Gincaim’s comment abount the sound (not intrusive). The themes icons are great for lots of reasons but the main reason I Ilike them is the icons look like they won’t need to be updated when the PS3 updates with new icons (Save Data minis for example). Finally and for constructive criticism’s sake I can’t go without saying it needs more backrounds. Put some similiar backrounds in there and I say you got a PS3 theme ranking top theme… Read more »


this theme is fantastic, nice icons, good background and unlike so many others, the sounds aren’t intrusive. Nice work


Thanks for sharing.


its kinda creepy