Paths of Terror Stickers

Theme by Josh Filhol

Hand drawn icons and illustrations by me, Josh. Based on my ‘Paths of Terror’ an ongoing personal project.
5 backgrounds so far – in both HD and SD – different styles etc.
This took a lot of work so I hope you enjoy it!
Download Here
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this is amazing. thank you


Great looking theme. Originality rules. I’ll be looking forward to seeing some more. Thanks


Hey! Glad you remember me – I’m going to get round to finish Paint Splatter since it’s the holidays. To be honest I’d forgotten about it due to a lot of work. Cheers!

ps: I may start work on another theme so watch out.


Hey, Josh! Aren’t you the one who uploaded the “Paint Splatter” theme in 2008?
That was very nice, although a little messed up because of the icons… but nice.
Long time has passed!
So, this is your second theme, right?
Very good: I like the style! 5*!


Wooow, I love it, amazing theme! 5/5.