In your hands Animated

Theme by Faxtron

PS3 In your hands Animated with custom icons created by hobix. I only change the color and add some missing icons. This Theme have original sounds also. For the best experience possible please drop the backgrounds brightness. Theme Settings — Background — Brightness — I recommend -2 or -3. Like always for free πŸ™‚

Enjoy πŸ™‚
Download Here


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This is a sick theme.. πŸ˜€


@ameLia Earhart Well first I’m not steling nothing from anyone. This theme is created by a request for a friend that send me this animated gif by PM on youtube and ask me if I can crete a PS3 theme with it and I accept. Second the uploader or the guy who send me the gif don’t said in the email were or who be the creator so i don’t now at now who be the original creator for the animated gif. Second I don’t have problem to add your credits on the theme description but if i don’t know… Read more »

Amelia Earhart

Hello, this is a gif I made, and I would really like it if you gave me credit instead of just stealing this.
If you don’t want to give me credit take it down now.
Link to proof:

If you want to still take this as your own, then I ask you to come up with this same picture.
Because honestly I’m sick of people stealing shit from me.


Thanks mate πŸ™‚


Uh, that’s nice!