Air Paint Make.Believe MDT

Theme by GlowBall

Decided to shre this one, as I have had it for a while. 6 dynamic backgrounds which I created myself. Icons are from the original Air Paint theme. Dynamic theme based on Sony Make.Believe, but with different and rainbow coloured font. I’m still learning, so leave a comment even if you hate the theme.
Download Here
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Use the P3Textractor.exe to extract the theme contents. Click the Extractor tab at the top of the page on this site. Don’t forget to thank Sony for them too 🙂


hey, im trying to create my own theme as well, and I want to use my own images with the icons from the Air Paint theme. how can I access the Air Paint editions from that theme to use with my own theme?


Hey guys, if its possible to request then i would love a UKFdubstep dynamic theme


Great job man. I give you props cause i can never get that dynamic theme to work when i edit it):


@-.- TheNextProdigy Are you using the dynamic theme editor from this site. If so you sould be saving the files as .DDS not .PSD. To save it to a .DDS file you have to install the Photoshop dds plugin. Be careful when saving as .dds the file size has to match the original. Also there are different settings for different themes. Follow the dynamic theme editor guide from this site it has all you need. Remember that you can only edit the 5 dynamic themes that are on the editor. If you are still stuck or you want any more… Read more »


Next Question :D. When I Tried Making A Dynamic Theme I Would Get To The Photoshop Part (Editing The Pictures To Make Them What You Want), But When I Would Want To Finalize The Theme It Would Say That The .PSD That I Edited Wasn’t The Correct File Size. What Am I Doing Wrong?


Thanks for the download, I always wanted to use those icons.


You need to change a xml file or something, I saw someone explain it somewere on this site. search for the mortal kombat mdt and check out the comments 🙂


How do you create dynamic themes with multiple backgrounds?


1 question. how do you change your user icon(avatar) on this site?

or do earn that!



I just extracted them from the original Air Paint ps3 theme. I have uploaded it to mediafire for you so you guys can have it. Thought it would be pointless uploading to this great site as everyone already has it. So for your collection here is the link


not bad


Nice one, mate!


Nice Theme, Just Wondering How You Were Able To Extract The Air Paint Icons. Definetely Keeping This One