Theme by Damorter

The women have been dropped for 16 HD/SD Lightning shots/Backdrops that might be appriciated by a wider audience.

All the icons are the same as those found in my T1DY v1.41 theme.

The backdrops were from various sources ont tinternet so thanks to the original authors and lili-chan for the theme builder.

Any constructive feedback welcome via here or the PS3 πŸ™‚
Download Here

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I haven’t forgot about updating this, as a matter of fact it’s been on my machine for months, minis and video editor are now included, quite a dew other changes have been made, I just need to smooth out a few rough edges, should be ready in the next few days πŸ™‚


anyway u could email the icons? πŸ˜›


mind if i use ur icons for my themes?
i love them
best iv seen so far ;]


Easily one of the best themes around ,excellent work mate.Just a thought , but what about naked chicks and lightning in the same theme. Anyway shit hot thanks a lot.


Hey, Damorter.
your icons are like the greatest!!
I’ve used your themes for many moons starting with T1dy v1.0
I’ve used alot of your icons in my ‘Best Icons’ compilation themes. so I just wanted to say thanks!