Black Holes/Quasers v1.0

Theme by MadchesterManc

My first theme. HD ONLY at the moment. This is just a tester, so v2 will include SD and better icons n other refinements noted from comments.
[PSN id – Madchestermanc]
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Lord Kain

Nice looking theme Mad.


This is the best


ive had quite a lot of positive feedback over PSN, so i think a v2.0 is warranted. ill try to include as many refinements as suggested. thanks everyone for the feedback. much appreciated

ed-zerg (ps3id)

NICE THEME dude … awesome quality ….simple icons but good work ….. i have never created a theme … so may be u should make one with something unique …. something that all users have not made PSN ed-zerg


can people comment if theyve tried my theme? i know theres a couple of poorish backgrounds and the icons are basic, but id like some ideas from users for v2.0