Animated Stream Theme

Theme by GlowBall

Just a quick theme made in the new animated fashion (dynamic style). Not really into these kind but I like this animation loop so decided to create it. I have slighty improved the quality by sizing down the plane and zooming in with the camera. Icons created by myself.

Depending on what you guys think I may stop making these types as the quality is low. Enjoy anyway 🙂
Download Here

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SEGA Scream

This theme looks just as good as any of the animated “scenery” themes on PSN. My only complaint is the theme doesn’t fill my entire screen (1080p). There are black borders along the edges.

Otherwise, very nicely done, and I’d look to see more animated scenery themes from you.


does the theme move


This theme is great, and it doesn´t look bad even though it doesnt have the best quality.


This quality is good enough to be enjoyed, great animation loop, the leaves moving in the wind are excellent! I would like u to make a couple more in this quality, most of these animated look dreadful in HD, but urs looks great even better than most of these official themes on PSN.