The Legend of Korra Dynamic Theme

Theme by uLtRaMa6nEt1c

For the Korra and Last Airbender fans. This show is real dope. If you like anime you should check this out. One of the highest quality American cartoons ever made.

UPDATE: Added custom setting icon.
Didn’t change the media folders and place holder icons since the default color matches the theme already.
Download Here


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mrj qqq

At least your icon set wasn’t extracted and reused like mine was with no thanks or a nod for all the work done. I tell ya the GALL


I’m aware of those icons. I purposely left them white. I won’t do that again, lol πŸ˜€ and thank you.


uLtRa, great icon work. You know you missed a few? Not sure why? With all the work on the custom icons, why not do em all?


orange – Thank you

Neko orange

Thank you sooo much for this fantastic theme!!
I’ve been searching everywhere for a theme like this..
thanks to you I finally found it =)

Hope to see more of these great themes from you πŸ˜‰
keep it up!


@mrj qqq
haha thanks man.

mrj qqq

a chance to reload. Better but still not done. I think you should complete the task. I am always tinkering. I have been busy with mine. Maybe I should update all mine? Not sure if they will allow the upgrade , by they I mean mgmt. Tomorrow perhaps .

Thanks uLtRa


big fan of avatar, and the sequel to it thanks for this theme


Thanks Jaydee

I guess I’m a bad guy too πŸ™‚


I love Korra more because shes a girl. Does that makes me a bad person?


Great job as always !! Love the theme!





lol doom, Thanks man.
It’s the sequel to Avatar The Last Airbender. It takes place 70 years later. Bud Bundy does one of the voices, lol.


ive never seen this but it looks bad a$$, i might hafta watch it now, youve inspired me.. lol +1


love this i luv avatar and korra


Best sequel ever!


Thanks guys.
I didn’t think the few default icons were a bad idea. I hope it didn’t look like I got lazy, lol. Now I know better for future themes, haha.

Bayonetta Multi-Dynamic Theme 90% done.


: Uhm, I’ve never seen it… πŸ˜›
But the theme’s great (despite the default icons) and I really like the animation! +1!


Nice,Nice,Nice ive been a fan of Avatar and i see they have made a new one!! Anyway you did a great job on the icons and the animation as well + 1 million to you ^^


sweet its up , taking a look now .. +1


Finally a really awesome Korra theme, me likey.^^


really cool theme brah!


An awesome job like always. I have not seen the series yet but if I have time I’ll will try to see it. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


@mrj qqq – I did that on purpose as well since the default color matches the theme. I don’t usually do anything crazy with those folder icons besides change their color.

mrj qqq

It’s more than just the setting icon. You’re missing the file & album icons for photos, music, and video too. Not sure if you knew that. I like the icons background is good too. Not voting on this as I am undecided


@mrj qqq – Thanks man. Yeah I didn’t do the setting icon. I tried to do a couple of things with it, but it didn’t look right for some reason idk. I figured the default one went with the water theme well, so I settled on that.

mrj qqq

uLtRa, great icon work. You know you missed a few? Not sure why? With all the work on the custom icons, why not do em all?