Ambers Butterflies

Theme by DC Productions

6 inches of snow on the ground when i made this one….felt like doing something with a spring attitude
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right answer,i,m a little confused that the Newest PSN Themes have also no PSP minis Icon.I always try to implent all usable Icons.please try out


I’m missing the snow lol hate this damn sandbox. Anyways, thanks for sharing.


Firmware is the system version your ps3 is currently at (found in system settings / system information on your ps3).
example – icons like trophy,poweroff, playlist were in v2.40 chatroom text icon added in v2.70 & now v3.15 has added the savedata minis icon.
if a theme doesn’t have an icon the PS3 uses a grey default icon instead – which sticks out like a sore thumb.


I am sorry, new to this. I will try to change the preview pic for my next them. I will also incude the number of back grounds. as far as firmware, you lost me there. I though all themes were compatable. Tell me how to find out this info and i will include it from now on. Thanks


Could people start telling us which Firmware is supported , how many wallpapers or show the icons in the preview image.(its what its for)
These are the basic things we need to know before downloading & installing.