Sunny Leone Purple Vibrations

Theme by Droopysp

11 HD/SD wallpapers of Sunny Leone in her black Lingerie and one of her favorite gadgets…I’m starting to add my logo on the top right, and how u like the new horizontal xmb icons? Custom icons/sounds…18+ content…Please Comment!! PLEASE NO JACKING
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i really like this one


Very Nice Theme Man Beatiful Is The Word That Describes That Theme

Jacob May

Can u make a Meet Madden theme plz


sexy azz theme


Gotta love it. Shes hot


aight imma give it a ttry


can u make an asa akira theme bro plz


Well, there are different ways… However, to modify an existing sound I use AUDACITY: a free program very easy to use, but also very professional. Then, I use MFAUDIO to convert sounds to VAG format: small, fast and free. For specific sounds, I usually play some instrument recording it and editing the sound according to my needs or I create simple sounds with my sound effects generator… Ok, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when creating sounds for a theme: 1) sounds must not exceed 2 seconds; 2) better if the size of each file not… Read more »


o thats wassup…i see u really b going in , so wat programs should i b using to edit or convert the sounds to Vags


Oh, I see. Well, none of that…
I make everything by myself for each theme: all my icons are handmade and I create sounds according to the type of theme I’m doing.


wanted to kno how/where u get ur sounds, and also u go to a certain place to get ur icons


Good shot!

Hey Droopysp! In my “beer” theme you asked me if I’m on PSN ’cause you need some tips about sounds… Well, I was telling you that I don’t have my PS3 connected, so I’m not on PSN or anything else, sorry… 🙁 but you can come in my themes and ask me everything you want at any time: I’ll be happy to help!
Btw, what have you done with those sounds?