Yet Another Mac Theme (Fw2.50) v1.4

Theme by TheNextButton

This is now the 4th release of the theme.

In this build I have changed the battery icon. Also after discovering what the notify icon was actually used for I have completely changed the graphic and should be more appealing.

I am still not to sure about the battery icon, if you have any suggestions/links to what it should be like please feel free to post.
Download Here

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this is by far the best theme i’ve ever seen, i’ve been using it since day one of having my ps3. all of my friends who have ps3s use this theme aswell. well done.

brandon lee

this has been my theme since you first posted it several months ago. i must honestly say that it is the most sleek and classy theme available by ps3-themes, or even the playstation store themes. everybody that sees it loves it, because it looks so elegant. amazing job, and please continue to update with future firmwares if only for me. i couldnt bear not having this theme. thanks so much

Tommy Peters

It does not dazzle. It lays back there allowing the icons to come into focus. Maybe we will hear music in the next version. A suggestion! Ian Anderson’s BOUREE unplugged. Cheers and kudos to TheNextButton

Manny Cabral