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This is a little Windows 9x theme for PS3. The other ones on this site weren’t quite my thing so I made my own. Icons come from my installations of Win95, Win98 and WinME (yes I have a machine with ME). Hope you like it
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11 thoughts on “Windows9xRemake

  1. @ lorecast162

    RE: Comment-

    That is why I started making my own themes. I didn’t like what was available, so I made my own. It’s fun!
    Not bad for a first timer.You can get the codes to fill in the icons you missed. And a background or 3 wouldn’t hurt..*Thumbs UP!

  2. im using a CRT tv with a dark background from the start, i agree you can see it, but you are left feeling like your trying to decode a puzzle just to read who the sender was, im saying, if you left the notification box ‘original grey’ it would make this theme 50% better

  3. @ doom:

    My notification boxes work – Tip use a solid colour that is in contrast to your backgrounds. Remember that the typeset is in white so light hues don’t work well. Lastly use the whole 64×64 square don’t use circular pngs

  4. can you fix the notification box? maybe oldscool grey? that yellow and black smear kinda ruins it, just about everyone that trys to add a graphic to that fucks it up, end result is you cant see whos messaging you.

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