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This is the kind of theme that I like, with my favorite XMB icons (no cartoon icons and crap). I’ve never uploaded a theme here before, so i’m just curious as to how many hits I get for my own taste, since this is the theme i’ve been using for a while now ever since I made it a few months back. Feedback and/or criticism is welcome. Thank you and hope you like!
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Well I got them from Google Search, and edited them with Photoshop and Fireworks. Send me your email and i’ll send you them so you can use them in your own theme, just be sure to credit me if you upload it to other websites.


First time I hit this site, and your theme was the first one up. The icons really caught my eye, so I hope you don’t mind if I borrow them. Let me know where they came from, and how to get there, Thankyou.