Redrum 3.40

Theme by Devilush

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Vendetta Strife

I just want to say thank you for creating this theme. I have been searching for the past couple of days and have scanned all of the themes it seems and then I came across this one. It was almost as if it was designed specifically for me. There isnt any flaw that I see and red is my favorite color. Again, my humblest appreciation. 5 /5 stars in my book.


When will you put the chat room icon?


again awesome theme. do you plan on upgrading this with backgrounds? maybe killzone 3


great theme


thanks anyway,great theme by the way,when r u gonna put a theme on with a full icon set please


Sorry I can’t help you there…


was wondering if u could help me please? i’m looking for a theme that has a bloody hand in a frosted shower background and dripping blood icons,its similar to the Gothica theme but without the writing, i use to have it but can’t find it anywhere