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My first dynamic theme using the icons from my REALiZTiK 3 theme (with some updates) and a modified Prince of Persia dynamic theme. Version 1.5
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18 thoughts on “REALiZTiK DYNAMiK

  1. Ill download this simply because you have the Driver SF demo downloaded… even though the killed it. Good theme though ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Yeah it’s my first dynamic theme. I’d like to do more in terms of animations, just haven’t had the time lately to experiment more. I originally wanted tinted blue smoke/clouds to flow across the bottom (sorta like fog) but I was having some issues. Everything was done with zembor0’s dynamic theme editor,, googled icons (with some tweaks, and some 100% made from scratch icons). I have some ideas for future animations, but might not get around to creating them without some help/collaboration.

  3. Nice background and amazing icons (I will use with my black custom wave) nice :). Who cares about the cursor’s lol. I rate this theme highly but I was expecting it to be more dynamic than 1 cloud of smoke in the corner ๐Ÿ™

  4. They are the stock cursors, all I did was invert the color (to make them black) and that was it.

  5. Thanks for the feedback and comments guys. Sorry about the mouse (arrow) I didn’t realize that dynamic themes mess up the alignment. I’m on W7 64bit and cannot get the static theme builder to work on my system without errors. I made some changes to some of the icons since this was uploaded. The following icons have been changed: Start New Chat, Download, TV (I think), System Update, Video, and a few others. The new update is version 1.5

  6. This theme is pretty tight. My only gripe is that the mouse is off. I have to put the mouse underneath text boxes if I want to write. Kind of annoying.

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