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[All logos and names in this theme are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment. All rights reserved.]

As for the consoles depicted in the theme: well, time ago I was searching for some PS4 info on internet and I found those concepts, but no authors were mentioned…
I only corrected some flaws and added some missing details and special effects: so, credits go to whoever made those very good concepts!

As for the rest, the theme contains:

– 3 HD/SD handmade backgrounds.
– Handmade icons.
– No sounds.

Well guys, while waiting for PS4… enjoy this theme! πŸ˜€
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50 thoughts on “PS4…?

  1. Well hello guys!! Busy life, just stopping through, thought I leave a message. I’m still alive!! Go Blackhawks!!!

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  4. @Sonicfan223: We all know what it looks like.
    The point is this theme should have been here before the E3, but even if I uploaded on June 2, for some reason it has been put on the site on June 11 πŸ™

    Anyway, you’d better read comments before talking without knowing how things are: it’s not that hard…

  5. @optimus, aww. its ok bro. I havent even watched the E3. what channel it on? lol.
    Good to know that it can play pre-used games.

    The reason i siad that stuff was because, Well theres a saying. “They cant post anything on the internet, that isn’t true”
    Well i gess that saying was bull sit.

  6. @everybody i heard it from IGN and cheat code central. Im wrong, sorry people. @SONIC name calling? really…..? really…….? REALY? I never called anybody names, kid. But in this case, il speak my mind. Your probably some call of duty nerd. I never see you make comments. you probably won’t reply to this, but its true. I have ranted against this site soo many times. But what makes you think i wont rant about you? so sit down, relax, and have a nice cold glass of stfu

  7. this theme is monsterus! i would actually prefer if there was no system , just the board. im thinking since this is possibly the last console that these concept systems that we have been seeing might actually be produced.. think about it. they can tweek a couple things here n there, change the look and sell ‘limited edition’ custom systems at a slightly higher price or even a way higher price depending on its capability. my point is all the ps4 concepts might actually be real ideas that might really hit shelves, so thinking that sony, microsoft, and nintendo might never be able to produce these consoles after the fourth gen due to the rise of technology, they are going to beef them up and do whatever they can to keep us buying the same systems by making the ps4 more and more and more awsome as time goes on… because that will bring in more cash before the consoles are done and huge games become as easy to download as a cellphone app. i think these systems are going to be like ‘everlasting gobstoppers’ i think they are designed so they can be upgraded for a very long time… hence my theary.

  8. The Cult Of Personality:

    I must say, the ps4 will not need disc’s.
    Idk what the games will look like, but you put it in your ps4 once, and you can never use it again.
    The games themselves might be like a chip or something.

    Game stop will go out of bidness and You will be forced to buy games new. Rumor has it, ps4 will be around 800$ The games will be near 70$ – 90$ Im not rich, but this is bull.

    anyways, cool theme +1

    bullshit it costs $400 dollars dumbass

  9. yes that is correct uLtRa – I don’t have plus just now. I will wait until xmas to purchase it , that way when I activate my PS4 I can put the plus membership renewal on the Christmas list each year then there after …….there is method in my madness

  10. @cult

    umm dude where were you during E3? they announced the ps4 is 400$ and it does have discs idk where you got that from. and there is no restrictions like the xbox one..


    na you need ps+ to play online. you can still log in to psn and use other services like netflix but to play online you need to have a ps+ membership

  11. I must say, the ps4 will not need disc’s.
    Idk what the games will look like, but you put it in your ps4 once, and you can never use it again.
    The games themselves might be like a chip or something.

    Game stop will go out of bidness and You will be forced to buy games new. Rumor has it, ps4 will be around 800$ The games will be near 70$ – 90$ Im not rich, but this is bull.

    anyways, cool theme +1

  12. @ uLtRa

    – you don’t have to be a member of plus to be on PSN , however if you want to play a multiplayer game online you will have to have plus . I haven’t bothered thus far, however it is a good deal . There are allot of benefits and savings if you are

  13. @AUDIODEVIANT – If I recall correctly, You have to be a Plus member for PS4 online now. Just 1 Plus membership is needed for your PS3, PS4 & PSVita, so the value is VERY good.

    @OPTIMUS – I sent you a PM

  14. @optimus , your work is great man it does not matter it not the ps4 , to me it better original …
    i like it .. +!

    @jaydee , man i watched the live expo and you dont have to be a plus + member to go online its free for every one its not going to change from the way it is now, if you want to be + member you get cool stuff but , its still free and availible for us all with out +..

  15. @uLtRaMa6nEt1c: Lol, looks like this useless theme is now becoming useful, somehow… and I have to say the idea mentioned by QQQ sounds good to me.

    Well, as I said before, when I started working on this theme, I had already thought about involving you and Faxtron to make it dynamic, but it would have required too much time… and now the chance has come anyway.

    Okay then, my friend, I’ll send you the background and the other elements: only thing is that I need your e-mail to give you all the material (like I always do with Faxtron) because I honestly don’t like to upload my works somewhere else just to link them in a PM, while I can send them directly to you… πŸ˜‰

  16. If you make a dynamic theme of this, I would use until I get a PS4.
    Make it happen please, the background and icons are TOO awesome to be wasted.

  17. TheLoneWolf989 – A PC does a lot more than games, so if your PC needs an upgrade than go with that. If your PC has a few years of life left then go with the PS4.
    It looks like the most we can do with PS4 would be to add a background according to what the interface looks like. We’ll have to wait and see of course.

  18. @OPTIMUS
    Nice theme +1 and it’s not pointless, in fact it’s the opposite because it shows what the PS4 could have been and how people thought it should be.
    It would be good to see a version 2
    If you can make themes for PS4 I hope the community as we know it now can carry on. One problem though; i’m stuck about what to get PC or PS4 because PS4 will have great exclusives but PC is better in general. What do you guys think?

  19. OPTIMUS, do you have the base image that you started with? If so, send it in a PM or something.
    I would hate for all your work to seem like a waste. I can only imagine what it takes for you to make themes now. So instead of being disappointed let’s take it a step further πŸ˜€

  20. Oh, you guys want it dynamic? Aight. Too bad OPTIMUS doesn’t have a layered PSD, but I’ll see what I can do. I want to try my best to keep this 1080p, so the animations won’t be anything crazy πŸ˜€

    @F-Rott & mrj QQQ – Thanks for the vote of confidence.

    @mrj QQQ – I like those ideas. I will add the camera to the mix too. If I make the controller light up I’ll use blue and green. Those colors go with the theme and I want to keep it 1080p. I like the flash through the motherboard, but I may not be able to fit that in 15 frames. We’ll see what happens.

    Well OPTIMUS, It seems that we finally get to collaborate. Create a name for us πŸ™‚

  21. I would love to see this redone by uLtRa – put in one of the new controllers, they are supposed to change colour depending on what user you are. Colours are Blue , Green , Red, and Pink.

    Perhaps have a flash run through the motherboard. then circle the PS logo.

    The Icons are right cool on this theme , another thumbs up there to OPTIMUS

  22. @F-Rott, Purgatori, uLtRaMa6nEt1c, mrj QQQ, JayDee1003, DemiGod7 & everyone: Thank you all, guys! I’m glad you like this theme, despite everything…

    => F-Rott: Thanks, Dennis!
    Well, if you want to create a version 2, don’t hesitate my friend πŸ˜‰
    Only thing is that I honestly don’t really know how you could replace the console without losing much of the background: as you know, I always work old school style, so the whole background is made of a single layer. That means I drew everything directly on the base image…

    => Purgatori: Thank you, mate! πŸ™‚

    => uLtRaMa6nEt1c: Yep, I know there have been tons of themes.
    Actually, it’s nearly always like that, but lately I noticed that some times new themes are uploaded just a couple of days after the previous ones, and other times they’re put on the site even 9-10 days over the usual “1-7 days limit”: this way, it all looks quite unbalanced…
    Your fault, huh? Well, at least I now have a scapegoat… LOOOL! πŸ˜€
    Anyway, thanks, my friend!

    => mrj QQQ: Well, consider that I work old school style… that means I draw everything with my hands pixel by pixel, and it always requires time.
    But thanks for the appreciation, mate!

    As for PS4… Yep, looks like this time Sony did a great job:
    – Cheap price for a very performing system;
    – No region lock;
    – No used games restrictions (well, unless publishers decide otherwise);
    – No always online and no useless checks that prevent you from playing games, if not performed every 24 hours…
    Only thing is I really don’t like the design: both XBox One and PS4 are unwatchable.
    – PS4 seems a parallelothingy – I – don’t – know – how – else – to – describe it…
    – XBox One seems the very first VCR I bought more than 30 years ago… LOOOL! πŸ˜€

    => JayDee1003: Thanks, bro!
    Yeah, you’re right like everyone else, my friend.
    As I said, I uploaded the theme on June 2 so that it was here at least on June 9, but it has been put on June 11 πŸ™
    Also, don’t forget I’m a damn paralytic, lol, and I’m forced to draw using the wrong hand… it’s already quite hard for me to create themes: this one took me 1 month and making a new version would require time.
    Anyway, F-Rott said he would like to update this theme with the real PS4, so… stay tuned πŸ˜‰
    [And maybe I’ll make a completely different PS4 theme, sooner or later]
    As for PS+: well, consider that Sony’s giving us a great system at a low cost, so they necessarily need to get money somewhere else, after all…

    => DemiGod7: Thanks a lot, mate! πŸ™‚

  23. If you’re really done with it, I’d like to put the new PS4 in your PSD design and re-upload it. I’ll leave everything the same, upload it as you and won’t even take any credit. It would be a shame for such a nice theme to go to waste!

  24. this is great , pointer work done too. I like this motherboard blue background …….thumbs up +1

  25. awesome background +1.. it would look better with the real console i hope you make an update. i can’t believe sony made ps+ a requirement though no more free online πŸ™ oh well i guess this is my last generation of consoles

  26. I haven’t downloaded this yet, cause I am at work , but this looks great in the pic, just because the system isn’t right the icons and background still look right sharp. I can’t see it being THAT hard to change the background to the correct official PS4 .

    and BTW Holy Smokin Joe Robinson the PS4 looks fantastic spec wise – I’m going to upgrade for sure! 399.00 is a heck of a good price for what you are getting. and I have been looking forward to Elder Scrolls Online since they whispered the thought so I’ll need one come spring next year.

    I still think this was a good idea OPITMUS. I had though about it myself.

  27. @DemiGod7 & OPTIMUS – Yeah. It’s still a good theme. It captures a moment in time when everyone was speculative about the PS4’s design.

    I think the admin’s been flooded with themes lately. The updates have been coming sooner with a lot of new themes.
    I was hoping my Man Of Steel themes would have made it before the movie releases. Then again I uploaded them a bunch o’ times because I kept adding sheeit, so that’s probably my fault πŸ˜€

  28. @Faxtron & uLtRaMa6nEt1c:

    Thanks guys, but the fact remains that this theme is now useless…
    You know, I had this idea about 1 month ago, so I thought it would have been funny to make a theme depicting PS4 concepts and upload it before the E3, just to “appease” the wait for the official reveal of the console…

    To be honest, I’m quite disappointed and angry: as I said, my intention was to make sure that this theme was here just before the E3 (actually, I had also thought to involve both of you to make it dynamic, but it would take too long).
    So, I worked hard like a slave and I managed to upload it on June 2, so that it was put on the site at least on June 9… but it was in vain.

    Well, I don’t know what the hell happened and why the theme has been put on the site so late, but one thing’s for sure: now this theme is useless like all the time I wasted to make it! This theme looks a real joke now!
    And I think I’ll ask the admin to remove it…

    I’m done with this theme: I wasted a whole month working on it… for what?
    So I really don’t think I’ll make a new version.
    If someone else wants to create a version 2, it’s ok, but I surely will not make a new one… as I said, I’m very disappointed, and I’m done with this theme.

    (Sorry for my vent, guys)

  29. @OPTIMUS – Awesome theme and LOL. A version 2 is definitely needed now. In essence it is a PS4 concept theme, so it isn’t useless πŸ˜€ +1

    @Faxtron & OPTIMUS – When you get PS4, GO ONLINE, lol

  30. Great job my friend but I think you need to create a version two of this theme with the actual console. Anyway is very, very good my friend. I’m very exited because my next generation console will be a ps4 for sure. I will be buying a ps4 because is a console without any useless restrictions and is a console that respect users right. Sony wins the console wars with this ps4 in the E3 woohoo. I love Sony.

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