PS3.1 Crystallo

Theme by Holland M.

“Crystallo represents the here and now- all that is modern and stylish, beautiful and unique. Over 3000 icons and images were viewed and browsed through to choose the very best you’ll find in this theme. Just remember, this is only the beginning…”

The cool thing about this template is it’s made to be fully customizable by you! Once installed you can choose to use the default Crystallo background or even use one of your own backgrounds. You’ll still be able to use the nice Crystallo icon set for your buttons but have a background you may enjoy more! This theme also goes well with the default PS3 color themes.

More themes will be coming out soon so check back to my profile periodically. Also, Crystallo is a work in progress despite it being completed so updates may be released in the future. Enjoy!
Download Here

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Love it!