Open Vista

Theme by Nima Banai

I wanted to make a clean theme with Vista icons and an open background. This supports the latest firmware, which is 2.60, including all the icons. If you guys have any issues/suggestions don’t hesitate to tell me, just put a comment or send an e-mail. Thank you for checking my theme out and I hope you enjoy it.
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Nima Banai

Hey Tony, just wanted to thank you for your interest in my theme. I’m still working on the right king of gold icons for my next theme, and thanks for the suggestion of silver backgrounds.


Hello! i agree with marco… it would be really cool if you could make gold coloured default icons. and maybe backrounds that has silver or somthing like that

Nima Banai

Hey Marco, I’m really glad that you got interested in my theme. So about your request, I don’t quite understand what you’re looking for. You want the PS3’s default icons, but gold, right? I’m definitely gonna look into that. Also, if I misunderstood your request, please tell me as soon as possible. Thanks again for your interest.


Dear Nima, I really enjoy your last theme, and I’d like to ask u if u can create a theme with the default icon set, but GOLD coloured..I don’t mind about the background pics, cause I always set the original one…may you please help me?? MAybe you can create this for me including the TROPHY and ERGY SAVE icons too….thank u!