iOS 5

Theme by Jordan Daniel Murti

A PS3 theme made entirely out of iPhone apps for icons, and a few Mac Osx icons for better visual acuity. This stylish new theme will show off your sense of style and tech-savy.

(If you want the iOS 4 version, look up “iPhone App Theme.”)
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5 thoughts on “iOS 5

  1. nicw theme jordon i like how you put the ipod aps in to the theme i dident think that was possable to do i guss i was worng i guss you can do aneything ๐Ÿ™‚ i made a Windows 8 PS3 Theme with the Windows 8 collerd tile program icons in 7 or 8 days look for it and download it give it ashot then message me i have a facebook page it should be in the author in the ps3 theme named Stephen R Jester then add me on facebook and we can share themes ๐Ÿ™‚ your theme rocks i started the theme makeing lastnight for the 1st time i hade to get rid of it so today i started half of it then i had to go to paino lessions i just finishd it bout 2h agao then i uploaded it to this site hope u like it

  2. Hey Jordan Daniel Murti,,,, can you make me a background with my name xXDaRk_LoRdXx13 for the icon’s please you made a pretty cool theme i like it thumbs up ^^

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