PS3 WWE CM Punk Animated v2 [Update 2 for FW 4.0]

Theme by Faxtron

PS3 WWE CM Punk Animated theme for ” FURY” with Custom icons and original sounds.Firmware 4.0 compatible. For the best experience possible please drop the backgrounds brightness. Theme Settings — Background — Brightness — I recommend -2 or -3. Like always for free ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy !
Download Here


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I downloaded this theme and there’s no sounds/music


Can you make one for the miz ? this is by far the best theme i’ve seen so far.


Simply The Best Theme In The World!


, dude this theme is so badass. can you make more titantrons?


my cm punk theme has no music, but can i use a different cm punk song, and if so how do i?


this is so raw


fucking epic cheers mate


dude can you make an animated one of the new kane?


please can you make one of dolph ziggler ;D



CM Punk Best In The World (face)โ€ฆ please



CM Punk Best In The World (face)… please


[update 2] : fixed some problems on unexpected stop in the theme. Please PS3-Theme uploader change the download file for this one.


Nice Theme. I tried it, i like it. good job


@ trademarke Thanks for your comments thats words mean a lot to me! The venture bros theme is in my list for themes to create, since you tell me about, but I have a problem I don’t see the animated series yet and I dont know nothing about the series. Can you give me links to videos in HD that have a good secuence to edit a video to make the theme in a future. I will try to take time to start to view the animated series looks cool and to get ideas for the theme.


I totally understand about needing time to create and making themes that are appealing to everyone. I just thought I’d ask because I like your work and you make so many great themes. If you make a Venture Brothers theme I think people will love it.


@XCWSBoss Hi mate ! I’m Sorry but, I don’t like the idea of create or upload here a theme for only one person… your video is awsome but, once is finished only one be downloaded. You know is a personal theme. Why I don’t want to create and upload here personal themes ? because this take time to create and I don’t want to consume that time for a theme for only one download. In the process of making themes and create themes, I’m thinking in all us here and hoping that many of us like the theme. If I… Read more »


hi Faxtron,
i want to make me a custom xcws dynamic theme but i dnt hv the software nor the brain for it i was woundering if you think if you hv the time you can try to see if you can help me out i loved your cm punk the edits are real good cant really tell sony from your work it looks that good but if you want to try and tackle this one ill gv u a video link to one of my short vids i hope you can do this


king mortez:

Straight Edge means Iโ€™m better than youโ€ฆ

๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


Ok men stay tune to see the theme that will come in my future creations.

king mortez

Straight Edge means I’m better than you…


hey bro… i wish i could help more in the creation of it but this would be a good enough video of Lita if you can get a good quality version of it..


don’t worry about time Faxtron.. like i said this Cm Punk Theme will be good enough for me for a while.. as long as your able to make a dynamic theme of Lita im cool with it.. i understand you have a life LOL i do too just do what you want bro i was just asking if you could put it on your list for future creations.. im trying to get through some games as well i actually just downloaded mass effect 2 so i’ll be playing that for a while.. and i actually don’t own a computer.. i… Read more »


BTW: I will take a break to create themes for all the holidays that are near. I have some new games that i’m playing right now that I want to finish first, but don’t worry I will do it. I need something, the link to the videos in HD to create the theme.


Well for both let see what I can do. For now I can’t I have to many work to do for me at the moment. Definetly I will put in my list to themes to create. You know I have other ideas and themes to create first but went I get the time I will do it.


hey bro.. i was wondering if you could possibly make a dynamic theme of Lita from the WWE “Amy Dumas” she is my favorite female wrestler of all time and please make it without the video of her making out with edge in the video LOL i think that’s what her recent video was.. make it with the video of just her and her eyes flashing in the purple/red clouds.. i know your busy making a lot of other themes but please put this on your list of themes to make… i would appreciate this more than you know.. thanks… Read more »


i love what you did with this. the style of this theme is awesome. if you are taking requests/challenges i would love to see a dynamic “Venture Brothers” theme


awesome theme Faxtron… i just downloaded it and couldn’t be more happy with the way it turned out.. thanks again brother