Thanks for everything, Schumy!

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I started this theme long ago, but I never finished it…
But now that also the last of my favourite F1 drivers has retired, I decided to complete this theme as a tribute to him.

Goodbye, Schumy… and thank you very much for all the emotions you gave me over the years!

The theme contains:

-13 HD/SD images (they actually were 16, I had to eliminate some because the theme file was too big)
Also, images are in chronological order… so, the theme should have been a slideshow one, but I didn’t have the means to make it that way. Sorry!
-Handmade icons, as always, reproducing the tyre types currently used.
-No sounds.

Download Here

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thanks , shumy forever the best


Yo OPTIMUS, I can make it a slideshow for you. If you want me to, PM me


I don’t know which versions but I’ll find out for you, it’s a shame though the engineers like my granddad who designed the chassis, exhaust, dampers and all the other stuff never get recognition.


: WOW! Really? Which versions???

Oh man… I love the XJR-9!!!


My granddad used to design cars for Jaguar and he helped design the XJR race cars, also the last car he designed was the XK8.


: Well, I was a race car driver, veeeeeery long ago, so… I like everything has 4 wheels (although I prefer F1) LOL!

Ok, mate, I’ll see what I can do…


Loving the theme but I’m not a big F1 fan, I prefer GT3 and SUPER GT so if you could do those it would be awesome.