Kobe Bryant V.3 HD PS3 Theme

Theme by Edward Redeem

A Kobe Bryant HD PS3 Theme with 9 Backgrounds by various artists and Menu Icons by Edward Redeem. Default Icons belong to SCEA.

Credit for the Kobe Bryant backgrounds belong to the following: NBA Croatia of NBA-Croatia.com, DJ Rom of www.djromconcept.com, Lufcias of DeviantArt.com, Marco Cuca of NBA-Croatia.com, Lakers.com, Melo Man and Dirk Nowitzki41 of MixMembers.net Forum, Felix Garcia aka Ya Dig of yadig.deviantart.com, and Eppy91 of eppy91.deviantart.com. Thank you guys for some really great backgrounds.
What’s New In Version 3.0:

-Removed 2 backgrounds that didn’t correspond with the new icons.
-Replaced Image Icons with new Glass Icons.
-Substituted Colored Icons for Default Icons to better suit the backgrounds.
-Added 5 new backgrounds, totaling 9 different backgrounds
Download Here

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kobe bryant dunked on lebron james in the all-star game in 2011

Edward Redeem

Dude don’t be a troll. Either way, he’s one of the best to ever play the game.