Kansas City Chiefs 2.42 + Sounds

Theme by Dennis “F-Rott” Ferrand

Here’s my re-vamped Kansas City Chiefs Theme complete with 9 backgrounds, all Icons supported AND custom sounds!
Download Here

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There’s actually a more updated one floating around this site.


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you should make one with cassel,charles,jones,bowe,
flowers,berry,tamba,lewis. and todd haley , that would be beast


i like it


how do you make icons like that?

Montage Mik

will try that thanks, why cant they just remake the program the same instead of crappy patches full of bugs..


About the only thing I can suggest is to completely delete 2.3 AND 2.3a and start again. I also went through this when I thought I could delete 2.3 after downloading 2.3a. What I did was take any files that were in 2.3, (like the MSVCR7.dll), and weren’t in 2.3a, and copied them to the 2.3a folder. Download both and take the extra files in 2.3 and add them to 2.3a.

Montage MIK

OH GOD NO dont know what ive done but now v2.3 & 2.3a are screwed. Which version do i need, (or do i need both?) if you could advise which to download again /does 2.3a go inside 2.3 ???
i said i aint technical PLEASE HELP.

Montage MIK

Thanks for that, nice to get help for a change…
But thats what i use ,keeps saying “setable bad tag line or something & wont create with sound+icons ??? any ideas ? im not a technical whiz.

Dennis "F-Rott" Ferrand

I use PS3 Theme Builder. It’s a little harder to work with nowadays since version 2.3a, but if you can figure it out, you can have both new Icons AND Sounds in your Themes. I also like that program better because it allows BOTH HD and SD backgrounds, as well as the ability to set your pointers, (x + y).

Here’s the site: lili-chan.com

Montage MIK

which program lets you add SOUNDS + ICONS ??
please respond.