Girls of Playboy (safe) v.09 HD (Ultra slideshow)

Theme by Lanes8

This is HD only with 15 images from Playboy©.

All icons except for a few are of the Playboy© logo and are re-sized to make the images look better. This theme also provides the names of the girls on the corners, but for anyone who has a TV that has a zoom setting and can’t see the names, here is a link to the full model list. (

As stated before, I won’t be accepting anymore requests.
Download Here

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Nice, but needs a LOT more Redheads.


There will be a 10th version this year, but I’m in the process of getting images and I don’t have an ETA. You can check for any new updates on my new blog. Thanks for all your support.


No, I made this before I got the template and I wanted to redo it, but I didn’t keep the original images w/o the names on it.


That Ivanova chick is DOPE. Her breasts are perfect. SheeiiT 😀
You didn’t use the template i sent you to help put the names in a good position?


I appreciate your comments, ghoastryder. As for icon default v, there shouldn’t be any since I didn’t add it to the XML file, but I do like input.

Well, I think I made a lot of effort to make this theme to be final, since it took me 30mins to make the images to 1080 and then convert them to DDS. It took me few hours to check it on my PS3 to make sure it’s made correctly w/o any flaws, but I do use the same icons through a lot of my themes so it saves some time.


Not much effort here. perhaps using more than default V for your icon -1