Babes v.02 HD (Ultra slideshow)

Theme by Lanes8

This is only HD version of uLtRaMa6nEt1c’s “Ultra Slideshow,” which I’d like to thank for the tutorial and the files to make such a theme. This contains 14 HD (1080) images of girls wearing lingerie to regular clothes.

As in my previous themes, the icons are smaller to make the images look better. This themes names are better than before, so if you have a TV that zooms the picture the names will be shown.

As stated, I won’t accept anymore requests. Tell me what you think of this theme.
Download Here

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nice theme


I really appreciate your comment and there is something different with creators that have there own style of making themes.

BTW, If anyone is interested, I created a theme similar to this, but it’s a minute instead of a 9second slide length. So if anyone is interested, it’s on my blog.


I haven’t really commented on any of your themes, and I’ve seen you on here for some time (probably before I joined the site) so yeah, I wanna say thanks for the constistency of your themes. There is something for everybody on this site….


Well, I never thought of it. I usually put out more than one sine it’s time consuming for me since I have school and work, but I’ll think about it.

Now in this theme, I’m sorry Taylor Vixen’s head is blocked.


It’s nice. +1
Just wondering, why do you put out five or so themes at once instead of one a week because one a week would mean people would have a new theme every week but with five at once they’ve got to decide unless they have five PS3’s.


Yo man, real nice +1
Thanks for trying it out and helping to perfect it.