Lana Lang HD 1080p

Theme by Black Dragon Clan

Lana Lang HD 1080p, 16HD backgrounds……….[BlackDragonClan]{Used icons from [Morgen Webb theme, Author:MysticJon]}
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More than 2 days I think…


Just Uploaded my new Theme.-Smallville’s Lois Lane 1080p Hd- should take a coulple days to upload:(.


Thank you. And I think you did a very good job on these icons OPTIMUS.


Don’t worry, these things can happen. However I’m not angry: it’s always nice to see that someone appreciates your work (funny thing is when I made that theme everyone said that the icons were ugly… :D), the important thing is to always give credit (as you rightly did) and especially give it to the right person. Anyway you did a good work and I love Kristin Kreuk. Oh, by the way: welcome to the site! 😀


Awesome theme man. I would have called it a Kristin Kruek theme, but whatever. You should make more female celeb 1080 themes.


Thanks for sharing.


Oh man, im soooo sorry:( if feel bad, i really want to give the right guy Credit because those Icons are really Awsome.Im new to this ps3 theme making thing. this was my first theme. Im pretty sure im going to make a V.2 of this theme and i can change it. and give you the credit.:)


I know well those icons, because I MADE them for an old 18+ theme called I LOVE MY PS3. MysticJon has reused those icons to make his Morgan Webb theme (if you don’t believe me, check out the comments of that theme) and I told him to give credit at least. Now, you’re giving credit (and it’s a good thing) but you’re giving to the wrong person…!