Chloë Grace Moretz Vol.1 (HD only)

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This time just the young, beautiful, cute and talented actress Chloë Grace Moretz. 16 HD only pics with the transparent icons created by Tech Ninja, so nothing covers her cute face.
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11 thoughts on “Chloë Grace Moretz Vol.1 (HD only)

  1. hey Sound could you be able to do a Jackie Chan HD slideshow theme i asked b4 not from you but as a request last year but i know there’s a Bruce Lee maybe there should be a Jackie Chan theme too 15 images especially from The Forbidden Kingdom & i haven’t seen that movie lol

  2. it’s ok i just meant in general for anyone of my requests i made recently like the Mariah Carey request or Amy Adams

  3. i’ve been patient longer then you have been on PS3 themes ok so i’ve made out of alot of requests & i’m thankful 4 the 1s that were answered

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