Cheryl Cole #2 Update

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This is a cheryl cole theme with 16 HD AND SD backgrounds, and has self produced icons, this is to replace the cheryl cole #2 originally posted by brando AND brando13497 (both me) Enjoy, You’ll never get tired of this woman!

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cheryl is so fit and im a no.1 fan of her she is my idol

I agree with you entirely apart from the part about being my idol.


cheryl is so fit and im a no.1 fan of her she is my idol


Well, im glad i agree with mitchell jenkins’ comment. 🙂 But dorty geordie, i love her accent! She sounds so sexy with it.

Mitchell Jenkins

Cheryl Cole is a singer, best known for her fame as a member of Girls Aloud. She presents X Factor as one of the judges and might be a judge on the American X Factor. Born in Newcastle. She has been voted the world number one sexiest girl. And as you can see, she is so fit.

dorty geordie

you may never tire of looking at her, but that geordie accent is horrific, & I live in newcastle, alreet pet.


I’m from the U.S. I don’t watch any of the music channels, is she from one of the shows? G4TV? It’s been years since I last watch (or paid attention to) anything on that channel.


Where are you from, as i find it very hard to believe that you haven’t heard of cheryl cole.


I’ve never heard of her, but she’s pretty. Thanks for uploading.