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Well first of all I made this theme based on the tutorial made by the user GlowBall, right here in the forums.
So this is my second theme and the 1st with slideshow, and again is all about Girls Generation (SNSD) a South Korean GirlGroup, the icons i made it taken from comun theme icons but add a render that also i made from an awesome fanart works of the girls in cartoon/chibi version, actually each category and subcategory have their on icon. A few details to clear, is almost all pink colored icons, is a kind heavy file (for a ps3 theme) is 13.6 mb, the reason is becouse it have 3 diferent .raf or “packs” with 7 diferents images each one, so every time when you go out of a game or switch on the console or reset the theme the bacground slideshow images will change.
Any feedback, coments, advices or positive critics are wellcome.
Hope you will enjoy the theme.

ps: if you are gona use the icons please give me some credit for it.
Download Here

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Make some more of Girl’s Generation. Especiallly Kim Hyoyoen I might have spelled the last name wrong and also Tiffany ok.

Raiu Mugen

Berry good theme yo. Keep it up, would love to see a theme like this for “I got a boy” using icons with art from D.Shuyu yo.


Thanks for the theme, I love those girls. 😀