Septicflesh Ultra SlideShow

Theme by MarkFreak

12 HD backgrounds, Photoshop composites from band original art to create nice 1920 X 1080 images. Enjoy.
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amazing ty u LOVE THESE GUYS-music is mind bending


i wouldn’t say i was disappointed with ‘the war in heaven’ but it kinda threw me off, just by the name of the song i expected it to be more brutal. the drakula song was discusting tho, there where sounds in drakula that made you imagine as if you where reading a book, after writing my my ideas on how the songs made me feel in the last few messages im beginning to realise that the songs and sounds subconsciously inspire imagination, i didn’t realise it at first but i was bizzy imagining what was going on in the song.… Read more »


listed to it earlier, dogma gave me goose bumps,
the album is great.
it makes you feel like theres something alive behind it.


will do! 🙂


Hey Doom, good to hear you liked the theme and the band, they’re known as “death symphonic metal”, they write all the classical music arrangements and get the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra to play and record the parts for them, I created the theme out of hype for the new album which is called “Titan”; play close attention to songs like “Prototype”, “Prometheus” and “Dogma”, they’re just devilishly beautiful…


yeah, these guys are hard as shit, after seeing the theme i decided to youtube some songs, if you had to try to visualise the feelings of the songs id say picture the devil spitting out human bones after chewing up a handful of corpsses from the sea of the dead.. lol. super hard metal. wtf is it? goth metal? seems like n aquired taste. not bad tho. anyway, aside from the name, they jam, hard. check em out. not if you like going to church tho.. in that case i can pretty well god damn guarantee that septic flesh… Read more »


There are some wicked wallpapers in this slideshow +1